Welcome to Backyard, the home of healthy food in Cambodia!

Our vision was to create a space for friends to meet, freelancers to work on their computers, you to curl up with a good book, a healthy community spot. We only serve the freshest, most nutrient dense, vibrant, wholesome food at our cafe.

Our passion and focus is on seasonal, locally sourced, organically grown ingredients, nothing processed, just real, honest, clean food. Our menu has a wide range of vegan, vegetarian, raw, gluten-free and sugar-free options. We believe it is our responsibility to be conscious of the environment so we use plant-based, eco-friendly packaging, bamboo straws and recycle our waste.

We offer catering, private hire, food delivery service, birthday cakes (the healthy kind!), juice cleanses, raw food cleanses and a range of our own brand and imported wholefoods and superfoods.

If you love our healthy food, we have a sister cafe, Vibe Cafe, which is Cambodia’s first 100% vegan cafe chain located in Russian Market, Phnom Penh and Kandal Village in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Social Responsibility

Our main priority is our team and ensuring they have everything they need to learn new skills, grow and prosper in this developing country. We have set up a fund from our profits which enables our team to invest in new businesses, send their children to school or deepen their vocational training, so thank you for contributing to our vision.

We also give 10% of our profits to The Good Vibe Foundation, who aim to provide healthy food and nutrition education to school children and their families in Cambodia.



Emma is a certified plant-based chef and juice cleanse specialist who helped set up our vision and continues to provide us with seasonal menus that are brimming with vibrant, alive, wholesome food.

Vin and Mala
Management Team

Vin and Mala picture
Vin and Mala are the smiley powerhouse sisters that make Backyard tick everyday. They have both been with us since the very beginning and Vin is a pioneer of vegan and gluten-free food for Cambodians and their family even grow chemical-free fruits and vegetables for us.