Fresh, honest, locally sourced ~ that’s our main ethos 🌱 Great photo by @jackofmanytradez
Launching on our menu tomorrow ~ Our new Beauty Smoothie ~ filled with greens and flaxseed for omega-3 which help promote skin radiance 👑
Plant vibes forever 🌱 Photo by @mappleby_ 💕
We have the cutest team! 🤩
Did you know we make nearly everything in-house ~ even are pickles are fermented in our kitchen with minimal ingredients to ensure they are probiotic rich and super fresh 💥
Living the ‘eat the rainbow’ life 🌈
Liquid Gold ✨ Full of vitamins, minerals and healing properties that’s good for the inside and out!
Refreshing mango and passion fruit smoothie, perfect for these hot days ⚡️ Photo credit: @foodiefarf
We fill our cafe with plants that help clean and oxygenate the air to create a healthy environment to go with our food 🌱
Blueberry and lavender vegan cheesecake anyone?! 💋
Stacked Avocado, all day, everyday! 🙌🏼
We’ve added healing soups which can be served cold or warm in our newest cleanse to help those who want a wholefood approach to wellness 🍜 Have you tried it yet? ✨

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