Whole Foods

Here at Backyard, we believe that food should be eaten in as close to its original form as possible. Nothing processed or artificial. Only whole foods in the highest quality you can find.

Our in-house range of wholefoods are made fresh daily for you to take home. We also sell nuts, seeds, superfoods, gluten-free snacks and natural beauty products.

Organic quinoaOrganic flax seedsOrganic chia seedsOrganic goji berriesOrganic raw cacaoOrganic raw cacao nibsHigh grade matcha green tea powderOrganic spirulinaBee pollenOrganic buckwheat groatsVegan cashew cheeseVegan coconut yogurtSuperfood PestoPickled fermented sauerkrautPickled fermented beetrootFermented apple cider vinegarGluten free miso pasteGluten free buckwheat flourGluten free coconut flourGluten free rice cakesRaw granolaOrganic cashew nutsOrganic almondsOrganic pumpkin seedsOrganic sunflower seedsOrganic datesKombuchaCold-pressed juicesRaw desserts